Don’t let Facebook Punish your Posts

Businesses all post to Facebook hoping that the social media gods smile upon us, favour our message and show as many people as possible but often it doesn’t go that way.

Facebook is traditionally very secretive about their algorithm and how they decide what goes where, but they have provided us with a very useful tool. The last thing Facebook wants is their users’ feeds being full of advertising or very wordy images.

This text overlay tool shows you how much, if at all, Facebook will punish your post based on the amount of text on the image. https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay

We put the tool to the test to see how much text you can use before it starts lowering your reach. It gives you 4 possible results from any image you upload.

We've tried some very small text in the middle of an image. Facebook calls this OK, meaning the text will not affect the post at all.

We did the same with medium and large examples and still Facebook was completely fine with it.

We thought of a few other real-life scenarios that are popular... this is where we started to see some results. A Meme style image results in a low warning, lowering the reach slightly

How about an inspiring quote or a small paragraph of text? That gives us a medium warning, saying that the “ad’s reach may be much lower.” Interestingly this quote takes almost identical room to the Large Text example above.

What about a music festival that wants to show their band line up? Or a café that wants to post their menu? Instant high warning where Facebook actually says it might not run!

Although there is a range of warnings here, we would suggest avoiding all of them and only using images with text that are 100% approved by Facebook, any kind of reach punishment isn’t worth it if you have the ability to cut down on it and keep Facebook happy.

While this tool was built predominately for Facebook Advertising, it stands to reason if they are moderating the ad content they are also moderating feed content.