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Here's how new Facebook and Instagram restriction tools will HELP your Digital Marketing...

Facebook and Instagram are introducing new functions that will help users MANAGE their time on the apps. Less time online means less time seeing our marketing messages, less engagement, less online sales! Why, Mark, Why?

Don’t be worried though! Contrary to popular belief, Facebook/Instagram care about us! They have said: “It’s our responsibility to talk openly about how time online impacts people — and we take that responsibility seriously”.

So what are some impacts too much time online are having on users?

· Fear of missing out (FOMO)

· Bullying leading to mental health issues and worse

· Late night scrolling disrupting sleep patterns and a student’s ability to learn at school the next day

· Relentless notifications interrupting user’s workday and reducing productivity

Like EVERYTHING else, it’s all about moderation. Too much of anything can have negative effects. That’s what these tools allow. You can now see how much time you spend on specific platforms, set daily limits and receive notifications when you (or your children) have reached them. Users can now “Mute Push Notifications” so we’re not drawn back to our phones at every ding and ring. On Instagram, a “You’re All Caught Up” message will encourage users to put an end to on-going scrolling in the desperate search for fresh content before bed.

You can see the full suite of features and how to turn them on here.

“We want the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram to be intentional, positive and inspiring. Our hope is that these tools give people more control over the time they spend on our platforms and also foster conversations between parents and teens about the online habits that are right for them” Facebook say.

You would hope those using these new tools will start to enjoying their social experience more. In taking control, there’s less chance of users quitting the platforms cold turkey and deactivating their account, never to return. That’s the REAL concern.

Very few users take advantage of the privacy settings available to them, why start self-moderating now? Also, how many times to you press ‘Snooze’ on your alarm in the morning? Just because you get an alert to “get off Facebook”, will you obey?

We all need to remember that it’s up to US to keep users on Facebook and Instagram for longer by ensuring the experience isn’t an Ad-Fest. How? Stop boosting substandard content and uninspiring marketing messaging into people feeds! Get creative, get targeting and make time to develop a proper marketing strategy. Facebook is not done yet - “These new tools are an important first step, and we are committed to continuing our work to foster safe, kind and supportive communities for everyone”.