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New Year’s Web-olutions everyone needs to make in 2019

Let’s focus on starting 2019 on the right digital foot, taking a good hard look at your business’ website.

Websites are now a fundamental part of every successful business on the globe. When you look at some of the world’s BIGGEST businesses, like amazon.com, the website IS the business!

For your local bricks and mortar operator, at the very least, a website acts as you’re your 24 hour digital shopfront. When you’re closed and potential customers are online, a good website lets people browse your products and services, contact you, even arrange click and collect or purchases for delivery. A whole new revenue stream opportunity for some.

When sitting down with clients during Digital Health Checks, very rarely is anyone 100% happy with their website. “The info is out of date…the photos aren’t great…I don’t know how to update it. Even if I did no one has the login and password details”. Sound familiar?

If so make 2019 the year you take control of your website and make it work for you with these 3 action points!


When’s the last time you actually looked at your own website? Make time to do a complete audit.

What’s old? Update it!

What’s ugly? Source better images that represent who you are and what you do.

What’s missing? If your business is evolving and expanding, make sure this is reflected online.

This is step one. The next step is to get your web developer to make the changes to your website. Make sure they’re doing the work you’re paying them to do. If this is a hassle, reach out to your local DMA Digital Specialist, we can help.


Not your name! Your product and services. If we were checking on our ranking we might search “Digital Marketing LOCATION”. Make sure you do it INCOGNITO or on a device you don’t use for work, otherwise you’ll end up with a ‘false reading’, higher than the average user. Where do you come up? Who comes up ahead of you? If you feel you need to be higher, talk to a DMA Digital Specialist about your options for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your site.


Does your website have Google Analytics? It should! It’s the best way to see;

  • who is visiting your website

  • how they got there

  • when they are on there and for how long

  • what they do when they are there

  • and how they leave

Check with your web developer who should be able to hook it all up, and, more importantly, give you access. DMA Digital Specialists LOOOOVE numbers, especially when it comes to website traffic. If you don’t know how to decode ALL of the GA data, reach out and we can talk you through it.

You invested in a website for your business, are you getting a return? Don’t just let it sit there because it’s too hard. Make the commitment to yourself that 2019 is the year you’ll get on top of your digital marketing strategy starting with your website. Don’t have one or looking for an overhaul? DMA can help with that too!