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Should you be using a Social Media Influencer?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Many business owners would still be unaware of the term ‘social media influencer’, while others across Australia are already using them to kick-start or elevate their marketing. Social media influencers get paid to promote products on their own Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channels directly to their dedicated typically and large audiences. These new wave of ‘online celebrities’ act as brand ambassadors by posting photos and videos featuring such things as cosmetics, holiday experiences, food or clothing. This type of personal endorsement, almost like an “advertorial”, can act as an effective marketing campaign.

When first starting out as an ‘influencer’ many of these personalities may offer to post to their Instagram or Snapchat in return for free product. As their following increases, so may the payment required to reach their tens of thousands of followers.

So the question stands – Will a social media influencer work for you? If so, how do you go about choosing the right one?

When deciding whether to invest with an influencer you’ll need to consider some key factors:

  • Does my product/service appeal to most consumers? If not, you must be realistic in deciding how much to spend on working in partnership with an influencer and forecasting how many sales you need to make from the collaboration profitable.

  • Do I have enough stock or availability to service a potentially larger audience or customer base if the collaboration is a big success? There is no use spending money and resources on an influencer campaign if you do not have the inventory to at least cover your expenses.

  • By engaging an influencer, you are starting a business relationship with an individual with a typically well established ‘brand’. You need to be prepared to be associated alongside them, along with their beliefs and actions, in the consumer’s eyes. Research is key to ensure you are dealing with a well-respected member of the social media community who’s a match for your brand.

Ashy Bines has a strong and vocal following who take her suggestions very seriously leading to strong results from many of her collaborations.

Social media influencer campaigns can yield fantastic results for your business, but how do you chose the correct personality for you?

  • Decide on your target market. Once you have decided who you want to target, you can then decide on the best influencer to reach those consumers.

  • Look at an influencer’s engagement on their previous posts. Some social media personalities have lots of followers however they may not convert to customers as they do not engage or have a strong connection to the influencer.

  • Follow some prominent influencers for a while before you decide to engage with them for a collaboration. You want to ensure that their values align with your businesses beliefs and strategy.

Many influencers tend to have a large audience who follow along for the ‘pretty pictures’ as opposed to following their content.

The world of social media influencer is ever evolving and is often hard to navigate. That’s why the Digital Marketing Agency at SCA are here to help and ensure your next digital marketing campaign is a success. If you would like to discuss how to successfully implement your next digital marketing campaign with the inclusion of social media influencers, contact us today!

Brittany Graham - Digital Specialist, Toowoomba & Kingaroy