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Scheduling Hacks for the Holidays

Whether you are heading into the craziest time of the year or you have carved out a little bit of downtime, now is the time to be implementing your Holiday Social Strategy on Facebook.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you free up some time and headspace later down the track.

Hack #1 – The Basics

On your business page you can look in “insights” under “posts” to see when the majority of your audience is online. If you are only posting once a day aim for the peak time (often around 7pm) and so on.

Once you have determined when is best, then you can choose “schedule” instead of “publish” when posting your glorious content. Get ahead of the game and schedule multiple weeks in one sitting!

Hack #2 – Reposts/Shares

Forget “sharing” a post to your page in real-time; schedule it for prime time! Once you have found something your audience might care about click on the timestamp below the author/page name. Once the post has opened in its own tab copy the URL/link in your browsers search bar.

Return to your business page, paste the link into the “create post” box, once a preview has appeared you can delete the link and type your own caption.

Perfect for evergreen content from suppliers or local event posts from your region.

Hack #3 – Graphical Engagement Posts

Facebook is built on engagement, and engagement asks something of the audience. Head to Canva.com to create texted based interactive posts where the centre of attention is that your potential customers think and feel. It can be seasonal such as “Comment below: What is your favourite Christmas drink?”. Or product related such as “Tag a mate: The last person who messaged you has to mow your lawn”. Or even better: a combo of both as seen below.


Keep your colours, fonts and designs consistent with your brand. Extra points if you subtly include your logo. It’s important to NEVER include words such as “comment”, “like”, Share” or “tag” in the copy of your post, as Facebook are cracking down on this, hence we put it in the graphic.

Show your audience that you understand them: let Facebook be fun.

Hack #4 – Messages Matter

Even though you are desperate to take time off it can really pay off to respond to comments and messages promptly. Consider assigning someone to read and respond to comments and messages at two pre-assigned times every day. Maybe create a roster to share the load?


1. How about filming a quick smart phone video for each of your staff telling the audience what they want for Christmas, or what they most love about the season. For 5 staff that’s 10 easy posts where the audience gets to know you better.

2. Schedule you Merry Christmas all staff photo and your happy new year posts now. Because no one should be posting to Facebook on December 31st J