The Ultimate Guide to Post Scheduling

Having a consistent social media presence can do amazing things for your business.

Consistently posting engaging content is a great way of building a social media following. If your audience knows you post frequently, they are more likely to come back wanting more. This can be difficult for a business at times and more often than not, you won’t have time to be posting on social media on top of all of the daily headaches of running a small business. Luckily for you, there are many tools and little tips that you can implement so that you can dominate the social media realm in as little time as an hour a week.


When organising your company’s social media accounts, the first thing you need to decide on is who is in charge of the accounts and who is allowed to post. Try to limit the amount of people you have posting content on your pages to limit inconsistencies and internal confusion. Consistency is key when running a businesses’ social media page and having a dedicated person run the content is a great way of making sure your content stays on brand.


What exactly should you be posting? Every company has a different answer to that question. Are you trying to attract more customers to your brick and mortar store? Are you trying to promote events or services? Once you can answer that question it always helps to research your competitors who run similar pages. What type of content are they posting? How often are they posting? Are their fans responding to it positively? Benchmarking your competitor’s social media habits can be a great tool when assessing your own profile. Once you have an understanding of the audience and the content you would like to post, it can help to create a style guide. A style guide is a document explain the exact colours, fonts and style of language you want to use for your profiles. Developing an aesthetic and sticking to it can make your business and its profiles look very professional.


Now that you have some amazing content to share, it’s time to find out exactly when you should be posting it. The time you post your content can really affect how well it performs. You could have the best content in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one sees it. I know this sounds very intimidating but lucky for you Facebook and Instagram have some great tools that we can use to learn about our fans. Using the “insights” menu on both Facebook and Instagram, you can easily see exactly when your fans are online. Start by picking the two most popular times a week your fans are online and keep an eye on the analytics to see how well your posts are performing. Were you previously posting on off-peak times? Compare your post data to see the performance differences, you’ll be quite surprised!


Where you should be posting your content? Normally a business will post on their Facebook, Instagram and Website. There is some amazing 3rd Party Software that you can use to queue up your posts in one place. Software like HootSuite, Later and Sprout Social are great tools that you can use to organise content to go live weeks in advance. Simply link your socials, upload your content and use the insights pages to schedule posts across all of your platforms at prime time. You can have a month’s worth of content scheduled in as little time as an hour, freeing up your time to continue to run your business.


Every post on your business page should have a purpose. Whether your posting to engage your audience, promote a product or share positive testimonials. It’s important that everything you share has a purpose. Before you post something to your business page, it’s great practice to ask yourself why exactly you are posting something. Define some goals to measure how successful your post is. It’s important to learn what posts work well with your audience so you can continue to grow your online following.

Running a successful social media account, especially for a business can seem very daunting. Throw in all of the extra daily tasks of running a business and it can sometimes seem impossible. By taking an hour or two out of your week and harnessing all of the tips and techniques we talked about above, social media can be a breeze and you will start noticing a difference in no time.

Written by Liam Fogarty