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Filming Video for Social - The Basics

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

In the world of social media, you are not just competing for attention against your locally-owned, family-operated, one-stop-shop, competitor down the street. Your enterprise is also jousting those mega-huge-multinational-corporate-juggernauts in every single business category. You vs. Nike, You vs. McDonald's, You vs. The Kardashians. How can you ensure videos promoting your business survive and thrive in that same space? How can you ensure you are not scrolled past without glance? It IS possible! Anyone with a mobile devise and a great idea came make a real impact online and drive real world sales. But first, here are 3 things you HAVE to get right, every time.


Although as much as 85% of video are watched on Facebook with the sound OFF (according to multiple publishers, and I’d wager, your own Facebook insights), audio quality is probably the most important part of any video. This is because it’s near impossible to fix in post (video jargon for “after the fact”). Wind noise, traffic, air-con and covering the mic can all be (not-so-silent) killers. Make sure you always record a quick 10 second test wherever you are (‘testing, testing, 1, 2, 3’). Then plug in headphones, listen back, decide if it could be better. Plus those tiny phone mics works better if the person is closer and if they project their voice (even in an intimate space).


So, how should you hold my devise when recording? Up and down (Portrait) or on its side (Landscape), The ONLY placements you want to be shooting portrait for is Instagram Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat. (I would then ask you “why the heck you are using Snapchat anymore” but that’s for a different time J). For everything else, it has to be landscape. FOR EVERYTHING FACEBOOK SHOOT LANDSCAPE! That includes Facebook Live… Knowing is half the battle.


You don’t need an expensive lighting rig if you have the sun. And in Australia that’s one thing we certainly have. If you have to shoot something indoors get as close to a window as you can. BUT… Never have the sun/strongest light source behind you. Ever. Never ever. Face the window, face the sun. No one wants to watch a talking silhouette (no matter how attractive your silhouette is).

Now, off you go and get shooting!

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Grant Fletcher - Digital Specialist, Regional WA

Grant Fletcher